Hey guys! This is not usual blog post for me, because i would like to present you men’s clothing brand 🙂 This is the first time i’m doing this in my blog 🙂 So here we go!

LostFriday is brand, created in Lithuania by two young and creative designers. They have already created their first collection, called Summer Jump, and i think it’s fantastic. I love the the design, patterns and the complete look. Clothing gives a fresh and young feeling, so urban and modern. The designers say, that uniqueness and quality – that’s most important things they are representing and reaching for. Individuality – that’s what man gets wearing those clothes. They really can help to express each individuality.

Here are some most favorite look from the first collection, and you can see all of it in their facebook page : LostFriday, feel free to join it for hottest updates and news! 🙂


The most stunning thing is that they manage to create men clothing which fits women perfectly!No kidding, i recently saw a photoshoot, that was in lithuanian magazine Jurgita, take a look, you will love it how it turned out! 🙂

Photographer/Fotografė Nelė Chomičiūtė (Studija OKTO)
Style/Stilius – LF clothing

Tell me what do you think? Would you like to wear it/your boyfriend to wear it?:)